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Billings, MT

RayQuan Evans

  • State Champion
  • NCAA Tournament
  • Former Collegiate Basketball Player
  • Mentor

RayQuan Evans's Biography

RayQuan Evans had the rare opportunity to play professional basketball overseas for the KFUM Jämtland Basket basketball club. He was able to play with and against some incredible basketball players from around the world. Although his professional basketball career was cut short he took many valuable lessons and grew significantly as a person during that time.

Rayquan graduated from Florida State University with bachelor’s degrees in Interdisciplinary Social Science and International Affairs while playing for the Florida State Seminoles basketball team. RayQuan’s best statistical season at Florida State came his red-shirt senior year where he had all career bests that season while starting 26 of his 27 games at point guard. His free throw percentage that season landed him 6th all-time in school history. In his senior season Rayquan became the starter the remaining 18 games of the season. He led the team to his first ever sweet 16 of the 2021 NCAA tournament. He also led the Seminoles to a 2nd place finish in the ACC that season. RayQuan was a key contributor to the 2020 Regular season Championship team as well as the 2020 ACC Championship team which was the first ACC championship in school history for the Florida State Seminoles.

Rayquan also achieved many team and community honors including, the First Year Academic Achievement Award, the Unsung Hero Award, the Charlie Ward outstanding Defensive Player Award, the Otto Petty Most Assists Award, and the Award for Florida State’s top free throw shooter. He also received a Golden Nole for basketball which recognizes the contributions of student athletes that have been exceptional leaders in and out of the athletic arenas.

Before attending Florida State he graduated with an Associate’s Degree in general studies and also studied graphics design at North Idaho Junior College in Coeur d’Alene Idaho. He excelled in academics as well as athletics leading the Cardinals to back-to-back NWAC championships. Rayquan led in almost every statistical category on the team and was awarded various team and conference honors including Northwest Athletic Conference Male Basketball Athlete of the Year in 2019, named to the All-East Region Defensive Team and was the East Region MVP.

In 2017 Rayquan graduated from Skyview High School in Billings Montana. He was a good student and an amazing athlete. His senior year at Skyview he led the basketball team to a 3rd place finish at the state basketball tournament. The two previous seasons he led the team to back-to-back state state championships.

Rayquan now lives in Billings, MT with his wife Ronnie and his daughter Sage. Faith is a huge part of their lives and they both feel the calling to make a positive difference helping people navigate through life’s challenges. The Evans family is a healthy family who is offering their lives as an example of success in the midst of adversity. They now take their principles, knowledge and experiences to many platforms around the country telling their stories and offering wisdom for the next generations.

Topic Descriptions 

Mental health – Ray shares how his story impacted his mental health and how he learned to harvest its teachings and apply them to his own growth. Ray teaches how  to utilize a healthy approach to prioritize your mental health and view life through a new lens. He discusses how to embrace heritage, prioritize healing and exit a toxic lifestyle.

Learning from adversity – Ray uncovers the truths of what stressors led to an apathetic approach to life, and how he learned to live consciously. Ray discusses learning from grief, accepting change and identifying anchors.

Character in the classroom – Ray Shares his character building strategies with the audience which have been, consequently, developed through years of misguidance and egocentric habits. Ray discusses living selflessly, adopting vulnerability and encompassing humanitarianism.

RayQuan Evans Media


  • “Ray did a tremendous job. He touched base with how he felt basketball was more important in his early high school years. He hit some key areas such as; academic struggle, substance abuse, home life situations, grade point average. These are areas in which some of the students struggle with. The students were engaged and could relate. The students asked questions and received answers. Overall the presentation was successful. It was a pleasure to have RayQuan visit our school”

    Claura Whiteman- Pryor HS

  • “RayQuan did an awesome job!!!! The kids came back into the classroom and I have noticed a shift in their attitudes toward the teachers and toward their school work. So many of the kids loved the opportunity to speak to RayQuan after the assembly. During the assembly, the kids were engaged, laughing, and enjoying the stories he was sharing. Our Principal came in after school to tell me that I did a good job finding such a good motivational speaker. “

    Carolynn Dawes-Hardin HS

  • “I was truly impressed with the ease at which he shared information and held the attention of the students. He was even able to sense when they were getting antsy and adjusted so as to keep them engaged. 🙂 I can say that as an administrative staff, we have continued to use his phrase of “get 1% better” when students are having a hard time with motivation or effort. This has been helpful and encouraging and students have responded positively.”

    Bethany Fuchs-Hardin MS

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