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Billings, MT

Chantel Oakley

  • Co-Founder, CEO SanoVita Fitness Tech Consulting
  • Wellness Advocate
  • Certified Health Coach

Chantel Oakley's Biography

With a passion for holistic wellness and a dedication to helping others reclaim their vitality, Chantel is a seasoned professional known for her transformative work in the realms of fitness, burnout recovery, and prevention. She has an impressive track record that includes collaborations with industry giants such as US/Nike Sports, where she contributed her expertise to create holistic fitness programming. Her work also extends to the realm of digital fitness, having played a crucial role in enhancing the acclaimed 30 Day Fitness App. Her technical acumen and innovative mindset shine through her work as Co-Founder, CEO and Consultant of SanoVita Fitness Tech Consulting.

But Chantel’s journey isn’t just about professional success; it’s deeply personal. In 2015, as a working mom and active leader in her community, Chantel suffered through an intense season of burnout. Her battle served as a turning point, leading her to a profound breakthrough. This life-altering experience ignited her passion for supporting others on their path to recovery and prevention. Drawing from the lessons she learned on her journey, Chantel has dedicated her career to helping individuals and organizations alike find health, balance, and freedom.

A sought-after speaker and influencer in the wellness community, Chantel frequently partners with events such as the LA FitExpo, inspiring others to take charge of their well-being. With her unwavering commitment to holistic health, she continues to make waves in the world of wellness, one transformation at a time.

Work with Chantel: 

In the relentless race for corporate excellence, your most valuable asset is your workforce’s well-being. That’s where Chantel steps in – to fuel your organization’s success by giving the “engine” of your company an inspection and tune-up. Her goal is to help you prevent employee burnout, amplify retention, boost engagement, and supercharge productivity. All while enriching your employees’ personal and family lives, and teaching them how to Ignite Wellness within them.

Chantel’s Distinctive Approach: 

Work with Chantel and ignite the flame of wellness within your organization. Chantel will provide innovative, keynote speeches, tailored presentations and workshops that will empower individuals in your organization to prioritize self-care, manage stress, and find harmony between work and life.

Why You Should Work With Chantel:

  • Retention Revolution: Invest in your employees’ well-being, and they’ll invest in your company’s future. Lower turnover rates translate into substantial cost savings and stable, experienced teams.

  • Engagement Elevation: Chantel will come alongside your organization and help foster a culture of involvement and commitment. Engaged employees work with purpose, creating a thriving work environment that inspires everyone.

  • Productivity Power-Up: Energized and balanced employees are highly productive employees. Preventing burnout ensures consistent focus and peak performance, amplifying your business results.

  • Holistic Happiness: Chantel’s passion to ignite wellness is not just about work; it’s about life. Her approach enhances the personal and family lives of your employees, promoting overall happiness and fulfillment.

Chantel embodies a compelling personal journey through burnout. With a proven track record working with industry leaders, she understands how to blend expertise, empathy, and measurable solutions for your organization’s needs.

Let’s Ignite Your Success:

Chantel believes that a healthy workforce isn’t just an option; it’s a marketing edge. Join her to transform your corporate culture into a beacon of resilience and vitality. Schedule a Discovery Call today to learn how Chantel can customize her message to fuel your organization’s specific goals.

Invest in your employees’ well-being, and watch as they ignite a brighter, more prosperous future for your organization.

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