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Billings, MT

Abraham Navarro

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Abraham Navarro's Biography

Abraham Navarro was born and raised in Mexico City. He is the grandson of the Great Chucho Navarro of the Trios Los Panchos, a famous Mariachi band in Mexico. Abraham has written and produced 25 singles and 5 albums. Including:

Abraham’s musicianship has inspired so many people and continues to leave the audience in awe. Abraham now lives in Billings, MT and is a part of the Faith Chapel worship band. He has taken on many challenges including singing in English, Spanish, and German and producing tracks and albums for Native American across the US. His versatility in the music industry is absolutely incredible. He offers his story and music as a way to give back to people who need a little inspiration. His incredible musicality is why many have enjoyed his unique flavor and style of music.


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