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  • Workshop: Widows, Divorced, & Single - Where do I start?

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Billings, MT

Rachel Sitzman Bonner

  • VP Investments Branch Manager
  • Singer/Actress/Performer

Rachel Sitzman Bonner's Biography

At the age of 20, Rachel got her first record deal and began recording music, launching music videos on YouTube, releasing songs on Apple Music and Spotify and traveling doing live concerts along the East coast and in New York’s largest nightclubs.

From TV commercials, musical theater, plays, hosting events, improv shows, dancing for other singers, recording artist & acting in films – there’s not much that Rachel hasn’t done yet or isn’t willing to jump in and do. Her lifetime skills of improv background allow her to step into anything from hosting to an auctioneer with little prep time using her natural comedic gifts to bond with any crowd.

While traveling back and forth for music, Rachel began her career in the financial industry in 2006. 17 years later Rachel specializes in financial planning and investment advising along with forming a team to service and grow her client base across the US. Rachel is also a branch manager in her firm, guiding and supporting other advisors on their business growth in the financial industry.

Her vivacious charismatic energy keeps audiences engaged whether she is telling jokes and drawing on notepads to educate her audience or captivate while sharing her talents of singing. Rachel comes to you ready with a fire of passion to sing her heart out and speak with her soul.

Topic Description 

Widowed, divorced or single – Where do I start?
Imagine this: you find yourself in a situation where you’re divorced and never had to handle the finances, or you’re widowed and suddenly left clueless about how it all works. Your friends & family all seem to have a different opinion and your advisor that your spouse used for years feels too intimidating to call and ask questions with such a lack of even knowing what questions to ask. It’s like trying to decipher a foreign language without a translator. Fear not, you are not alone! It’s time to take a step back, breathe, and realize that understanding finances is a journey, not an overnight revelation. This talk will start the basic education of income, debt, budgeting & investing, who can you trust and what questions should you be asking.

 Money first, lashes and golf later:
You’re on a career-building track, soaring to new heights of success in every aspect of your life! But amidst all the excitement, you can’t help but wonder if you’re on the right financial path.

I’ve got a secret!:
Building wealth is like embarking on an exhilarating adventure, and guess what? There are a few simple principles that make building wealth fun & so easy that even a 5th grader can become a millionaire!





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