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  • Running a small business through the eyes of a tradesman
  • Finding freedom as a small business owner
  • Why Leadership Development matters
  • Mobilizing our youth through entrepreneurship and trade development

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Billings, MT

Danny Wyrwas

  • Owner/Founder of Elevate Leadership & Business Development (2017)
  • Owner/Founder Absolute Fence (2002)
  • Ted-X Speaker
  • Inventor
  • Business Doctor
  • Consultant

Danny Wyrwas's Biography

Danny’s entrepreneurial pursuit and leadership skills started as a 6 year old boy wanting to make some spending money by racking lawns that turned into a full time lawn business by the time he was a teen, pulling his mower behind his bike and managing 20 customers. Danny has not looked back as he has started several businesses and led many over the years. As the captain of his high school and college wrestling teams, “Coach” to 100’s of wrestlers leading many individuals and teams to state championship titles, service tech team leader for years in the auto industry before starting his own business, Absolute Fence in 2002. After weathering many long Montana winters of seasonal work Danny grew a thriving business that his competent, well-trained team now run for him.  Danny has found himself in a leadership role in every aspect of his life and has learned from failures and successes that he now shares with others.

Over the years, Danny’s passion for developing leaders and wanting to see people succeed in their business led him to start Elevate Leadership and Business Development out of the heart to see people and his community grow stronger. Whether in a coffee shop, classroom style setting or large event center, Danny has shared his experience with thousands of people in an honest, humble and effective way.

Danny’s love for problem solving, strategizing and implementing effective systems to make business run smoothly has been an asset to many who know a trade but don’t have the skills to run a business. His ability to break it down into manageable pieces for those willing to invest the time as proven to be a game changer.  Seeing problems as opportunities has also lead to a couple of inventions that are now making his company more efficient and profitable, as well as a new start up business in the works! Danny has recently launched into hotel acquisition partnership that he co-manages with a few partners. Danny believes in being a lifetime learner and always looking to expand his influence and help where it is most needed.

Hard work and entrepreneurship are in Danny’s blood. He loves to teach people how to succeed in any economy. He especially desires to see the youth take advantage of the endless opportunities the trades have to offer as a business owner. He has tested and proven that with a principled lifestyle, innovated thinking and a growth mindset anything is possible.

Topic Descriptions

Running a small business through the eyes of a tradesman:
Technical work of a business is different then the business that performs the technical work.  Ex. you may know how to fix a car but you don’t have the skills to run the business of an auto shop. In this talk Danny will layout the principles needed to run a successful small business.

Finding freedom as a small business owner:
Are you running your business or does your business run you? Best way to find out is if your business can pass the 2 week fishing test. In this talk Danny will help guide business owners to find freedom in business by avoiding the pitfalls that rob you of the life you wanted when starting your own business.

Why Leadership Development matters:
You’re leading whether you know it or not. If you’re not growing your leadership as well as the leadership of those under you, you and your business will hit a ceiling. In this talk Danny will discuss the reasons leadership will cause a business to succeed or sink.  You will learn tools to help you as a leader as well as raise up a team of leaders underneath you.

Mobilizing our youth through entrepreneurship and trade development:
There’s more then one way to find a career. Trades have long been stigmatized yet the youth are getting degrees they rarely use with debt they can’t pay back. As a life long entrepreneur, Danny has a passion to see youth find a career through on the job training, trade schools or starting a small business. In this talk geared towards high school and college age, Danny will discuss the pro’s and con’s of college, trade school, apprenticeship and starting your own business with or without a degree. For the goal of giving youth more options and drawing out their own abilities and talents.

Danny Wyrwas Media


  • I’d been running my tree business for three years before starting Elevate Leadership Courses.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I started participating in the classes.  Like the principles Danny teaches, the tools are universal which allows me to use them in my business as well as to structure our home.  Everyone needs what Danny has to offer.

    If you want a job, keep doing what you are doing, but if you want a business that can run without you, you need to hear what Danny has to say.

    If you feel like you might be missing something or you just want to grow personally and professionally, I highly recommend hiring Danny as your speaker or signing up for his Elevate Leadership Courses.

    Justin Shaw- Alpha and Omega Services

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