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Lodge Grass, MT

Merval “Bud” Phelan

  • Licensed Barber
  • Native Business Owner
  • One Heart Warriors Graduate
  • UT Technical College Graduate

Merval “Bud” Phelan's Biography

Merval Bud Phelan is a Native American born and raised in Indian Country. He is from the Three Affiliated Tribes in North Dakota and of Crow Decent. He is one of nineteen kids raised by his mother. Merval graduated from the Bold Beauty Academy as a licensed barber. He currently resides in Lodge Grass, Mt with his wife (Hannah) and his son (Wyatt). He is a graduate from the One Heart Warriors leadership program and has served as an Resident Advisor and as a sent Missionary to the Crow People.

Merval was once homeless and living in his vehicle and now he’s a has a barber business on the Crow reservation and also serves as a board of directors for the nonprofit Mountain Shadow. Merval is also an assistant coach for a local high school football team. Merval has come a long way and has shown that you can have success even with a life filled with extreme adversity. He loves to share his stories and offer a Native cultural flavor to his program.


  • “Merval is so talented and inspirational. He is living proof that you can have success on the reservation. We loved our time with Merval and wouldn’t hesitate to bring him to our next event.”

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