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  • Pain into Purpose: Transforming Grief into Growth
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Billings, MT

Kira Pertuit

  • Founder of Aspen’s Angels Grief Outreach
  • Grief Specialist & Educator
  • Named One of Billings Montana’s Most Exceptional Women in 2016

Kira Pertuit's Biography

In the saga of life, Kira Pertuit emerges as a true phoenix rising from the ashes, a testament to the extraordinary power of resilience and transformation. Married to her high school love, James, since the dawn of the millennium, Kira’s life was graced with the presence of five beautiful daughters: Mekka, Kyla, Deklan, Kinslee, and the ethereal Aspen, who now resides among the stars.

Kira’s heart finds its home amidst the expansive landscapes of Montana, where open spaces echo with the crackling warmth of campfires and the symphony of morning birdsong. Yet, she equally treasures the solitude that allows her to dive into introspection, and her soul soars when she stands on a beach, inhaling the briny sea air, a symbol of life’s infinite possibilities.

The genesis of Kira’s remarkable journey as a Grief Method Recovery Specialist and Grief Educator lies in the crucible of personal loss. The passing of her first-born daughter, Aspen, tore through her life, leaving her lost in a labyrinth of grief. Yet, from this abyss, Kira found her strength. Anxiety and depression had once engulfed her, but in her darkest hour, Kira made a choice: to rise or to surrender. She chose to rise. This pivotal moment became her “Purpose to the Pain” awakening.

From the depths of despair, Kira has forged a path to the light, and it’s her calling to guide others along this transformative journey. As a beacon of hope, she descends into the abyss with those who are grieving, revealing that even in the face of the most profound loss, life can be reclaimed.

Kira is more than a source of support; she’s a force of nature. She imparts invaluable tools and actionable steps to help individuals complete what their grief left unfinished. Her life’s mission is to shorten the arduous road to recovery for others, having walked that path herself. She intimately understands the pitfalls of grief, the feeling of being trapped, and the anguish of well-intentioned but painful remarks. Through her own trials, Kira has emerged as a compassionate guide, extending her hand to lift others. If you seek a mentor, a guiding light, or someone who has not only faced the darkness but has transcended it, thriving, loving, and truly living, then Kira Pertuit is the resolute consultant you’ve been searching for on your journey of rebirth and renewal.

Topic Descriptions


Pain into Purpose: Transforming Grief Into Growth
Discover the profound journey of turning pain into purpose. In this talk, we explore the transformative power of grief, how it shapes us, and how we can harness it to foster personal growth. Join us as we navigate the stages of grief, uncover the resilience within, and learn how to find purpose amid life’s most challenging moments.
Don’t Quit on Yourself 
Unveil the unyielding strength within you in “Don’t Quit on Yourself.” This talk is a powerful exploration of resilience, self-belief, and the art of persevering through life’s toughest challenges. Join us for an inspiring journey that empowers you to rise above self-doubt and keep moving forward, no matter the obstacles in your path.
Silent Struggles: Grief, Mental Health & Healing.
Delve into the hidden battles of the heart and mind in “Silent Struggles: Grief, Mental Health & Healing.” This talk sheds light on the often-overlooked intersection of grief and mental health, offering insights and strategies for finding hope, seeking help, and embarking on a path to healing. Join us for a candid conversation that aims to break the silence surrounding these crucial issues and inspire hope for brighter days ahead.


  • “Working with Kira was instrumental in my growth and grieving process. Kira is fantastic at dealing with grief and very relatable as she has walked this road. She is able to see into your story, help you identify lies you’ve believed or areas where you’re stuck and help you move forward. She encourages you to be honest about where you’re really at and live that out wherever you go. Grieving is hard work and a natural part of life. If you can learn to grieve well and live in reality rather than stuff or pretend everything is “fine” you will be able to move forward. Kira can help you with this process and give you tools for years to come. I highly recommend working with Kira!

  • Kira Pertuit was an answer to my prayers. I was looking for a Christian Counselor who had a heart without judgment and a spirit of devotion and resolve. For many years, I stuffed difficult circumstances, pain, and heartache, deep in my soul. I was the person known for her smile and it became difficult for me to carry that smile through the day. My sorrow had overtaken me, and it began showing up in my personality. Isolation, crying, bitterness, and fear began to define me.  What I found in Kira was someone I could trust. I trusted Kira enough to be open and honest. She was patient and encouraged me through difficult conversations. Our conversations, and my commitment to doing the assignments presented to me, allowed me to be victorious. My smile feels genuine again and I am strong. Kira gave me a roadmap to healing. ~ Blessings, Julie

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