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Billings, MT

Tuff Harris

  • Former NFL Player
  • Founder of One Heart Warriors
  • Leadership Developer

Tuff Harris's Biography

Tuff Harris retired from a 5 year career in professional football. He was a defensive back for the Edmonton Eskimos, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins. Tuff’s excellent work ethic and his never quit attitude has been the reason many teams have taken notice over the years. Tuff excelled on special teams and was awarded various team honors throughout his career. Tuff voluntarily stepped away from the game to pursue his life’s call of helping others become healthy and succeed. Tuff has always appreciated every minute he has been given to play the game of football and continues to share his experiences with everyone.

Tuff who is of Crow and Northern Cheyenne descent was born Chester David Harris on the Crow Indian Reservation. He has been through many trials in his life but none more difficult then when he was an infant. He was born in Montana during some of the coldest temperatures in the US. Due to a lack of sufficient heating and living conditions he contracted pneumonia and was in critical condition. He was transported by helicopter to Billings, MT where doctors fought to keep him alive. After hours of repeated resuscitation he was stable and breathing on his own. One doctor gave the report of his condition to his family and after a moment of relief the doctor continued to say, “every time we put breath back into him he would open his eyes and smile, any kid who could go through all that and smile is a pretty tough kid! ” His grandmother started calling him “Tuff” and the name quickly stuck. Even though he still goes through various trials Tuff keeps on smiling!



Choose the Harder Path:  Throughout our lives we will have many fork in the road moments that can alter our future. This reality can cause fear and uncertainty in the midst of these crucial decisions. Tuff has developed a method of overcoming these challenges and he would love help you overcome your own adversity.

Road of Success: Tuff shares the secrets of success at any level and in any arena. He has compiled many principles and practices that will help you achieve your own success. There is no reason that you shouldn’t be traveling this road today. If you have felt lost in your own journey of success, Tuff can help you get back on track.

Never Lose Again: The feeling of losing or lose can be overwhelming. It can drive us to places that are difficult to recover from. Whether you have the feeling of losing in your career, in your goals or even in life, Tuff can help you take a shift in your thinking that will literally transform the way you think about losing.

Tuff Harris Media


  • “Tuff related to the students with a positive message of hope, inspiration, and motivation that struck a chord.  Students are still talking about Tuff and his message, and still wearing the One Warrior bracelets a month after Tuff’s visit.”

  • “Many of my staff members commented that Tuff’s presentation was the best teacher inservice they have ever experienced. Tuff said exactly what the students needed to hear. The way Tuff interacted with each student was fantastic.  He made each person feel special.”

  • “I heard Tuff Harris present as the closing keynote speaker at a Leadership Montana event – he captivated the capacity crowd for an hour weaving personal stories and relevant lessons for success personally and in business. “

    – Jackie

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