Category: Entrepreneur

    • Professional MMA Fighter
    • Founder of DaKava House
    • Owner of Havoc Mindset
    Speaking Topics:
    • Transform your Struggles to your Super Powers
    • Change Your Thoughts, Change your life
    • Drug Prevention
    • Self Worth and Self-Limiting Beliefs
    • Paradigm Cycle
    Travels From: Billings, MT
    • Owner/Founder of Elevate Leadership & Business Development (2017)
    • Owner/Founder Absolute Fence (2002)
    • Ted-X Speaker
    • Inventor
    • Business Doctor
    • Consultant
    Speaking Topics:
    • Running a small business through the eyes of a tradesman
    • Finding freedom as a small business owner
    • Why Leadership Development matters
    • Mobilizing our youth through entrepreneurship and trade development
    Travels From: Billings, MT